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in late 1970s, glass trading  was added to the list of glass trading in bahrain. in 1980, a variety of glass products and glazing service were offered by us to our customers.

we quickly earned a good reputation for our high quality products and good customer service. in 1990s, glass processing was started with polishing, beveling and tempering. the company regularly upgraded its machinery to keep up with growing requirements of processed glasses and mirrors to offer a wide range of products & services in  architectural glass products. now, we have the latest machinery to produce all types of glasses & mirrors that our customers would want for their houses/ offices/ shops or buildings.

زجاج البحرين - عبدالله خميس
الحاج عبدالله خميس


Mr.abdulla khamees start his company in 1969 with contracting and trading activities. The market in bahrain was growing steadily. The markets flourished in the following two decades and the company grew in sales & profits.




We have been sourcing our glass raw material from global multinational companies, such as guardian, agc, pilkington, arcon and intraco. The sealants have been from down corning, ge momentive, fenzi, bostik and tenax. Other raw materials used in our glasses are from requited international manufacturers. All contributing to high quality products that we manufacturer.

موردينا للزجاج والمرايا
موردينا للزجاج والمرايا
موردينا للزجاج والمرايا
موردينا للزجاج والمرايا
موردينا للزجاج والمرايا
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